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X-π Features

Electronic Gull-Wing Doors, Electric Rearview Camera, Foldable Steering Wheel, Automatic Revolving Seats, Foldable Center Control Screen,

Electrical Armrest, Adjustable Private Glasses, Adjustable lights, Fingerprint Identification, Voice Control, APP Control, Wireless Charging,

Connected Intelligent System, Satellite Broadcast, Infrared Night Vision System, 360° View, etc.

Smart Connect

Wing Doors opened with APP in X-π PAD or your mobile phone

Steering Wheel

Slide the touch bar, the steering wheel will be folded/unfolded automatically

Shift Control

Shift buttons are located on the left side of dashboard. To start X-π, power on the vehicle with red button firstly, press brake pedal and shift D at the same time, then press accelerating pedal to move forward; Press R to move backward. Press P after parking.

Large Screen Control

Close the right wing door with PAD, adjust the light intensity according to your preference.

Meeting Mode

Open the right wing door with fingerprint, turn around the front seats and move the rear armrest to the center of the floor with APP, unfold the table to start a meeting.

Music Player

Quit "TP-Link-YUDO" in Settings from APP, tap Music Player on homepage, enjoy your favorate music after devices are connected.

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